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Found 9 results

  1. Ranger School is a peer evaluated series of different Field Exercises where all billets and positions are shuffled regardless of rank. No two Ranger Schools are alike and the details of each Field Exercises are kept hidden until after roles are assigned. Soldiers will have a different role or be assigned to a different group during each Field Exercise. At the end of the school, every soldier provides a peer evaluation on the leadership taking part. A combination of peer evaluations and cadre score cards determine who earns a Ranger Tab. Ranger Schools are unique as they are the only Specialty School or Qualification to be held on a Sunday night during Operation times.
  2. Ranger School
  3. Ranger School
  4. Ranger School for Ranger Tabs
  5. NO Event

    Father's Day, the campaign operation will not be held on June 20th.
  6. Campaign

    Official campaign deployment.
  7. This is a meeting called by the Command First Sergeant for all members in leadership billets ranging from Fire Team Leader to Commanding Officer. Please mark whether or not you will be able to attend once you are able to decide if you are available or not. These meetings are held on a monthly basis, occurring on the last Thursday of every month.
  8. Ranger School is a main unit event occupying the Sunday operation time. Its open to all soldiers who are the rank of Private and higher. Ranger School repeats every 7 or 8 weeks.
  9. Awards & Decorations Ceremony preformed in-game after the evenings event.
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