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  • Voice Activation - If you cannot control your voice activation, you will be required to switch to a push-to-talk profile. If you have loud TV or music in the background, or you eat or drink, or there are people or loud children that are constantly making noise, or you use speakers that feed-back through your microphone, or any other sort of voice activation issues you will be required to switch to PTT.

    Service Name - When you apply to the unit, you are given the choice for a first and last name. This does not have to be your real first and last name (we encourage fake names).

    If you choose a fake name, the following policies apply:

    • It may not be a celebrity/silly name
    • It must be a realistic name (subject to S-1 Personnel approval)

    Military Simulation inside the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment - At its core, a military simulation unit is a role-playing unit. We strive to promote a professional environment for members to participate in by providing a unique and structured military experience. When in-game, members are expected to act as if they are on a foreign battlefield or in a domestic training environment.

    To give an explanation of what this means, you are playing a role in-game as part of the military simulation experience. You want to preform professionally in game as a Rifleman, Squad Leader, Platoon Leader, Medic, Aircraft Commander, etc. You are expected to act as if you are that soldier in that environment when you are playing.

    This means that you need to be ready to immerse yourself in your role while in-game. From mission start to mission end you need to pretend that you are in a combat environment - no talking about you're doing after the event or rolling around on the ground. Don't talk about what you're watching on TV while you're playing or what other people around you are doing. These are all things that break the immersion that is desired by others. The unit aims for a 8 out of 10 for realism. If 10 is a hardcore role-play experience and 1 is a public ArmA III Server.


    After you submit your application connect to our TeamSpeak 3 server and join the 'Recruiting Room - Join here' channel.

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What's Next?

Our application and personnel files are linked with your member profile. In order to accomplish this, please log in before submitting an application.

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