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Found 71 results

  1. Land Navigation Course

    Land Nav course run by SFC Hayward. Learn how to navigate.
  2. Alpha Cycle RASP

    Alpha Cycle Ranger Assessment and Selection Program.
  3. Combat Life Saver Course instructed by PFC U. Rapp.
  4. Airborne School

    Airborne School run by SFC Hayward. The school is intended to teach students about the fundamentals of parachute infantry. Class is expected to run around one and a half (1 1/2) hours.
  5. 68W class

    First 68W class since reactivation. 19:30 Should be about hour & half long Number's will be a deciding factor on length. Knowledge and practical testing.
  6. Air Assault School

    Air assault school run by SFC Hayward. The school will include correct SOP's on embarking and disembarking rotary wing aircraft, as well as proper use of the ACE fast-roping system.
  7. Explosives Qualification

    Explosives Qualification on 21AUG19 will be run by SFC Hayward. Expected to last around one hour, starts at 1930 EST. Course attendees will be instructed on proper use of explosive devices including the M112 demo charge, the M18 claymore mine and breaching charges. Attendees will also be briefed on proper SOP's when using said devices.
  8. Unit Reactivation

    75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Battalion begins training for deployment.
  9. Explosives Qualification

    Explosives qualification being held at the same time as 1-1 training. Ran by SSG Hayward
  10. Bravo Company Training

    Meet and greet +up for Bravo Company at 1830 GMT
  11. Designated Marksman Qualification

    Designated Marksman (DM) qualification ran by SSG Hayward
  12. Explosives Qualification

    Explosives Qualification run by SSG Hayward.
  13. Bravo Cycle RASP

    Bravo Cycle Ranger Assessment and Selection Program.
  14. Bravo Cycle BCT

    Bravo Cycle Basic Combat Training.
  15. Alpha Cycle BCT

    Alpha Cycle Basic Combat Training.
  16. Land Navigation Qualification

    Land Navigation, ran by SSG B. Hayward
  17. Pre-Deployment Training

    Pre-Deployment Training.
  18. Goliath Weapons Drill

    1st Platoon, Weapons Squad Drill.
  19. Goliath 1-1 Drill

    1st Platoon, 1st Squad Drill.
  20. Ranger School

    Ranger School.
  21. Air Assault School

    Air Assault School, ran by SSG B. Hayward.
  22. Connor.Dipasquale

    My application is within review.

    I would be happy to take part of any operation and training this unit would offer. On sight, with dedication and pride.
  23. Basic Leaders Course

    Basic Leaders Course. Required for junior enlisted (E-3/E-4) wishing to progress further in the unit. 6 students max.
  24. Designated Marksman

    Designated marksman qualification. This qualification teaches you the basics of designated marksman, what it means to be one, and how to use the tools and weapons related. If you're interested in a designated marksman position, this is a requirement.
  25. Explosives Qualification

    Explosives and Demo Qualification Items covered: Devices: M4 SLAM M18A1 Claymore M112 Demolition Block M183 Demolition Charge Assembly Breaching Charge Detonation Types Controlled Detonation Breaching Alternative Forced Entry