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    BCT/RASP for new recruits
  4. Basic Leadership Course Held for current standing Leadership in need of the Qualification
  5. Pathfinder Day 1 for new members
  6. Forward Observer Qualification
  7. Combat Lifesaver Qualification
  8. Airborne Qualification
  9. Air Assault Qualification
  10. Military Freefall Qualification
  11. Land Navigation Qualification
  12. Heavy Weapons Qualification
  13. Explosives Qualification
  14. Designated Marksman Qualification
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    Combat Diver Qualification
  16. Combat Lifesaver Qualification
  17. Advanced Leadership Course
  18. Basic Leadership Course
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    The Land Navigation Qualification trains soldiers to plot 8 digit grid points, use the baseplate compass and learn the major, minor and supplementary terrain features. The Land Navigation Qualification does not grant any special equipment. Land navigation training is an essential component of the US Army Ranger's skillset. During their extensive training, Rangers learn to navigate through unfamiliar terrain using various tools such as maps, compasses, and GPS devices. They must master the art of terrain association, which involves using features such as hills, rivers, and trees to pinpoint their location accurately. Rangers also learn to navigate at night and in adverse weather conditions, including heavy fog and rain. Land navigation training is critical for Rangers, as it allows them to operate effectively in any environment, locate and rescue injured comrades, and complete their mission successfully. The US Army Ranger's rigorous training ensures that they are among the most skilled and capable soldiers in the world.
  20. This day is slotted for any entry level training. All members who cannot attend the entry level training on this date should contact their instructor for a different date.
  21. Small Training event to prepare the Unit for the next campaign.
  22. Ranger School
  23. Main Operation

    Main Sunday Event
  24. If you do not have Land Nav go to Land Nav
  25. Basic Leadership School is an entry level leadership school, allowing people to be promotable to CPL.
  26. Pre-Deployment training is to work on issues and things that you will see during the next campaign.
  27. Starting at 2000 EST, all personnel who meet the below criteria should report to JBLM to attend. It will have it's own dedicated map used for it and I expect to see you all there. Any and all questions should be forwarded to 1LT A. Smith1. Must have completed BCT & RASP 2. Must have completed CLS 3. Must have completed Land Nav 4. Must have completed Airborne 5. Must have completed Air Assault Regimental Reconnaissance is based out of Fort Benning Georgia, as such all of their trainings will be conducted there. The event will consist of 4 lanes, and the details of the lanes will be provided upon the event occurring.
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