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Found 5 results

  1. SGT M. Antonio


    So for some reason on the 2nd ba website it logged me out and when i go to log back in i put my name and password but won't log me in...and when i go to put my email address it says We could not find a member account with that email address. THIS IS THE NEW MILLER ANTONIO the other one i lost access to
  2. Is it strictly 18 or will you accecpt someone if they are 17. If so how do I get the format for the application.
  3. I was wondering who I would need to talk to about getting into one of the S Shops. I have experience in excel, word, adobe (including google variants) and do DevOps/Freelance web and application development.
  4. Does anyone know how I can report in on the forum?
  5. A recent application permission error stopping the submission of finished applications has been resolved. All members who have signed up to the site within the last 7 days have been notified by email regarding this fix. Good luck to anyone submitting enlistment applications and let me know if this or any other problems persist.
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