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William Reese

Active Duty
Company Commander
  • Enlistment Date

  • Induction Date

  • Promotion Date

  • CPT William Reese


  • Activity

    • Reported In
  • Length Of Service

    • Time In Service
      2 years and 8 months
    • Time In Grade
      6 months and 3 days


  1. Name

    William Reese

  2. SteamID64


  3. Ranger Tab

    Ranger Tab: Yes

Combat Duty Assignment

Combat MOS

11A Infantry Officer

Combat Position

Company Commander

Combat Unit

Alpha Company HQ

Combat Supervisor

Administrative Duty Assignment(s)

MOS Position Unit
S-4 Duty MOS (DMOS) Website Specialist S-4 Logistics
S-1 Duty MOS (DMOS) Personnel Officer S-1 Personnel
Pathfinder Platoon Pathfinder Team Leader Pathfinder Platoon
S-5 Duty MOS (DMOS) Civil Affairs Officer S-5 Civil Affairs
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