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  • Policy & Procedure
  • Unit Multi-Clan Policy Overview

    It is the policy of the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment to not allow multiple ArmA III unit membership, otherwise known as "dual clanning" for members occupying specific billets. While we are only a gaming unit it has been the experience of the Command Staff both within our time as leaders of this unit as well as experience prior to membership of this unit that participation in a gaming unit is a time consuming process for even the most laid-back of members. We feel that it would be unfair to this unit, or any other unit, to require a member to split his time and dedication between those units. We do not say ‘pick our unit’ but rather the member, or prospective member, needs to choose one unit to concentrate their time with.



    Armed Assault (ARMA) III Milsim Unit - any gaming organization that utilizes ARMA III as its venue to conduct modern military combat simulation activities in an organized structure, or any gaming organization that utilizes ARMA III to emulate or simulate any modern day military or insurgent organization.


    Armed Assault (ARMA) III Non-modern Milsim Unit - Any organization that utilizes ARMA III as its venue to conduct military combat simulation activities focused around any non-modern era military organization (I.E. WWII Unit, ArmA 3 Halo Unit etc.)


    Non-Combat Armed Assault (ARMA) III Gaming Organization - Any organization that utilizes ARMA III to simulate game-play of a non-combat or survival nature


    Dual Clanning - The act of participating as a member of the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and any other Armed Assault (ARMA) III Milsim Unit.


    Specific Billets

    Any member who is a Non-Commissioned Officer (CPL - CSM), Warrant Officer (WO1 - CW5) or Officer (2LT - COL) may NOT dual clan. In practice this effectively means all leadership billets, army aviators and unit critical staff are forbidden from dual clanning. If a member is dual clanning and they are being considered for a specific billet listed above, they must first discharge from that unit to be eligible. Candidate ranks (WOC - OCS) are also forbidden from duel clanning.


    The Command Staff has no issue with members resigning to go participate in other gaming units should one feel the need. The issue arises when a member occupying an important billet does so while a part of this unit. Therefore it is in a member’s best interest to simply resign from the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment to pursue other options; should the other option not be fruitful, said member can return to the ranks of the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment with open arms. This policy is in effect and supersedes any verbal or unwritten policy pertaining to Multi-Clan Membership and is in force until rescinded by Command Staff.


About Us

2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment is a United States Army Military Simulation Unit based on the game ArmA III during the present day. We host deployment operations on our private servers using; terrain, weapon, radio, vehicle, and modifications.

Our structure, ranks, billets, and atmosphere are closely related to the U.S. Army. Other aspects are our own adaptations such as; awards and accommodations, promotion policy, training and weapon qualifications.

Most of our members are adults with full-time jobs and families. Some are active or prior military, and others are civilians. Some are green to the ArmA experiences others have been playing ArmA since 2004. If you enjoy teamwork, leadership, cohesion and are always seeking to improve and better yourself, this is your home.

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