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[Application] New Application

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Colin Marshall

Submitted 05/17/2019 02:42 AM

Additional Application Fields

  • Date of Birth 11/03/1997
  • Link to your Steam Community Profile
  • Do you have working microphone? Yes
  • Do you have a legal copy of ArmA III? Yes
  • Can you be active within the unit? Yes
  • What are your reasons for wanting to enlist with the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment? I have always wanted to try out the realism type but have more fun and learn to work with other people to finish a mission. There is a time and place for everything and I just wanted to find something to dedicate some time to. I'm also tired of seeing games move at a fast pace which isn't too realistic and they aren't as fun as they use to be in middle school or high school.
  • How did you find the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment? Through Bohemia Interactive.
  • Have you been apart of a military simulation unit on ArmA before? I have not.
  • Do you understand this is a serious unit? Yes
  • Please note: the First and Last name you enter for the application is the service name you will be entered into our website with. I understand.

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Hello Mr. NAME We thank you for your interest in the unit. In order to continue processing your application, we request that you hop on our teamspeak and join the "recruiting room" for a quick interview.

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Your application was successfully withdrawn.

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