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Found 10 results

  1. Alpha Company, 1st Platoon Drill, 2nd Platoon Drill
  2. 160th SOAR (A) drill.
  3. Platoon Training

    Platoon Training everyone is to attend this will count for attendance. Training will be lead by Command...
  4. All training personnel are required to join JBLM and Training room #2 NLT (No Later Than) 2050EST. Training will begin promptly at 2100EST and will consist of CQB training and Shooting drills.
  5. This training is focused for 68Ws but other personal may join aswell. The training to be conducted 04JUN2021 2100EST will consist of reacting to fire, Reflective fire, and shooting drills. The training will be conducted at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington 98433 (Harvy Point). All training personal must report to the training site and Training room #2 NLT 2050EST to begin training.
  6. This drill will focus on 68W communication in fields of fire and stress test all medics pose and confidence. All training personnel will report to training room #2 NLT 2100EST. Training will commence at 2100EST with late persons being left behind. Training will take place on JBLM "Harvey Point".
  7. 68W Drill

    This training will consist of Firing drills and Timed execution. The primary focus will be TCCC improvement and Communication. Invited induvials report to training room 2 at 2100 EST and load into JBLM "Harvey Point".
  8. This training event is by invite. Training will consist of 68W METLs and various scenarios to test and stress medical TTPs, confidence, and MTPs. Invited induvials report to Training room 2 in TS and load into JBLM server "Harvey Point".
  9. Ranger School

    Ranger School is a very intense leadership course that is meant to push you too your limits.
  10. I want to through together a training for all current CLS holders and all Medics that are currently 68w. I want to go over all medical.
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