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  1. Operation Tropic Shield is our next campaign. This Campaign will last 9 weeks with a possible break between week 5 and 6.
  2. Ranger School
  3. FUN OP

    This will be a fun Operation to try and test some mods, and a map.
  4. LN - will teach you how to find your way on a map, and insure that you can not get lost.
  5. MFF - will teach you how to drop from high in the sky and open your parachute and drop into a small Drop Zone.
  6. Air Assault School - this Qualification will teach you the skills need to employ into combat by Helicopter.
  7. DMR - Teaches you the fundamentals of using long range weapons and the equipment needed to effectively engage targets.
  8. Airborne School - Show you how to properly deploy into combat using a non-steerable parachute.
  9. Day 2 of Sapper School
  10. Sapper School - A Sapper, also called Combat Engineer, is soldier who performs a variety of military engineering duties, such as breaching fortifications, demolitions, bridge-building, laying or clearing minefields, preparing field defenses, and road and airfield construction and repair. They are also trained to serve as infantry personnel in defensive and offensive operations. A sapper's duties are devoted to tasks involving the facilitation of movement, defense and survival of allied forces and impeding those of enemies.
  11. Combat Lifesaver teaches you the basic medical skills to keep yourself and your fellow soldiers alive on the battlefield.
  12. Operation Frostbite, 5 week Campaign
  13. 68W Combat Medic Specialist Training
  14. FTX

  15. Ranger School for Ranger Tabs
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