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  1. [Application] New Application

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  2. [Application] New Application

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  3. [Application] New Application

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  4. Land Navigation Qualification

    Land Navigation, ran by SSG B. Hayward
  5. Air Assault School

    Air Assault School, ran by SSG B. Hayward.
  6. Designated Marksman

    Designated marksman qualification. This qualification teaches you the basics of designated marksman, what it means to be one, and how to use the tools and weapons related. If you're interested in a designated marksman position, this is a requirement.
  7. Explosives Qualification

    Explosives and Demo Qualification Items covered: Devices: M4 SLAM M18A1 Claymore M112 Demolition Block M183 Demolition Charge Assembly Breaching Charge Detonation Types Controlled Detonation Breaching Alternative Forced Entry
  8. Basic Leaders Course

    Basic Leaders Course. Required for junior enlisted (E-3/E-4) wishing to progress further in the unit. 6 students max.
  9. RASP

    Ranger Assessment and Selection Program @2000 EST
  10. BCT

    Basic Combat Training 1400 EST.
  11. BCT

    Basic Combat Training.