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Welcome Document

Welcome Document for new soldiers.

 Welcome Recruit to the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment Realism Unit.

 You are assigned to the following combat duty station:

 Unit: Training Platoon

 Position: Rifleman (Training)

On behalf of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, I welcome you to the unit! I'm Captain William Reese your Company Commander.

What does the unit expect from you?
Many people are not accustomed to playing in a milsim realism environment. Being a part of a typical gaming community is far different than being a part of a unit such as ours. You cannot do whatever you want, whenever you want. We have rules and regulations to keep our unit civil, professional, and compliant to modern military standards. Here you are not a player, you are a Soldier!

We understand and respect that you have a life outside the unit.  Real life always comes first! Many active, reserve, and retired soldiers have sacrificed a great deal of work, time, effort and money for this unit to be what it is today.It is your great responsibility to honor their past commitment, and work to adhere to the example set by your predecessors, and make the unit proud!

What can you achieve in 2nd Ranger Battalion?
You can achieve whatever you want in this unit! Your only limitation is your imagination and motivation. If you just want friends and to be part of a community inside of the Armed Assault, this unit is for you. If you want to lay down effort, get promoted up the chain of command, take on the role of a leader, take lead of a squad and/or a DMOS, this unit is also for you. If you show the unit that this is what you want, you want to achieve something big in this unit, and you lay down a little effort, you will be granted with better positions/roles out of what you do and want. If you want to be that soldier everyone is talking about, be the one that leads a squad in and out battle, train soldiers to be professional and help the unit grow by participating in recruitment efforts. All this is possible, you are the one who decides how your service in this unit will be.

How can I prepare myself for my time in the 2nd Ranger Battalion?
Your first resource is the unit's website. The website's information pages explain several topics to get you up to speed with our day to day operations within the 2nd Ranger Battalion.

Where do I sign up for my Basic Training?
Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP) are held on Mondays or Tuesdays depending on the cycle at 1930 EST. Check the unit calendar and Discord for information. If you cannot attend a training that you signed up for through the Discord role please let the staff know in the appropriate channel. If you miss a RASP training day you can re-cycle to the next cycle's one the following week.

How can I apply for a Duty MOS (DMOS) position?
After graduation from Basic Combat Training (BCT), you will be promoted to the rank of Private (PV1) and after Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP) to the rank of Private Second Class (PV2). When you reach the rank of Private First Class (PFC), you will be able to apply for a Duty Military Occupational Specialty (DMOS).

Work hard, play hard, collect your success!

I know being the new guy or the "Rookie" might be a challenge for some, but in this unit we are lucky to have the best Command Staff, best leaders and the best soldiers that any unit has to offer. Here we welcome, treat and respect every single person. If you're new, and may not know that much of the military life, tactics, game-play, etc... Everyone in this unit is willing to try and get you on your feet to help you succeed! Don't be afraid, there are no "stupid questions", only stupid answers!

Take note of the following:

Show respect, give respect, treat others like you want them to treat you, be professional, follow the structure of this unit, follow the Chain of Command, procedures and stay out of trouble and be active! If you follow these simply steps, your time here will be well worth it.

If you can do all these steps, you will do just fine!
If there is anything on your mind, anything you want to ask, feel free to contact your recruiter, fireteam leader, and/or squad leader. They are valuable resources. Treat them as such! And at last, let this be your first test.

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