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  • Policy & Procedure
  • General Order One

    Unethical Game Play (Cheating)

    I will not engage in any form of cheating and will not tolerate those who do.

    There will be absolutely no tolerance for hacking, glitching or exploiting of any kind. This includes running modifications to your client that are not approved by our S-4 Logistics section. Ex: Personal Arsenal


    General Order Two

    Official Game Servers

    I will abide by all established in-game rules and regulations when on any official 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment server.

    Official unit events, including trainings, qualifications, schools and operations take complete priority over unofficial side events.


    General Order Three


    I will wear my 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment clan tag provided by the ArmA III Units group and have my name correctly reflect unit rank abbreviations and name policy in all official settings provided by the unit. If I choose to wear unit tags in other game servers, TeamSpeaks or Discords I will follow all of those servers rules and code of conduct guidelines. I will abide by all uniform and equipment standard operating procedures in-game.

    Example name: PV2 J. Woods

    I will have all non-unit badges disabled on the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment TeamSpeak server.


    General Order Four


    I will attend all required meetings, trainings, and any other scheduled official events or will inform, in advance, the appropriate person in my chain of command.


    General Order Five


    I will ensure that the regulations related to game servers, TeamSpeak and Discord are followed by all members and server guests, and will enforce them per the established administration guidelines (or will report the violator to the appropriate personnel in the event that action cannot be taken).

    I will obtain a visual confirmation of a reported violation prior to taking action per the established administration guidelines (only exception is if verbally reported by a superior rank).


    General Order Six


    I will refrain from engaging in public discussion or debate of political, religious or other similarly volatile subject matters in any 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment owned medium (game servers, forums, public TeamSpeak channels, Discord).

    •     Private TeamSpeak channels are any channel with a named individual as the office owner.
    •     Public TeamSpeak channels are all other channels not specified as an office.


    General Order Seven

    Military Courtesy

    I will observe military customs and courtesies during official settings.


    General Order Eight


    I will not belong to another military simulation/realism unit on ArmA III while a member of the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment that breaks the policy found here.


    General Order Nine

    Chain of Command

    I will utilize the correct chain of command for the appropriate ideas and complaints. If I have a complaint regarding the direct supervisor above me, only then will I go to the next level in the chain of command according to the policy here.


    General Order Ten


    I will not record (audio or video) any 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment owned medium (game servers, forums, public TeamSpeak channels, Discord) without first clearing it in writing with an Officer in a leadership billet. Recording/Streaming must be approved each instance, unless said person is a S-5 Civil Affairs Staff Section member and is acting within their role for media.


  • Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Professional & Be Proficient.

    Unit Principles

  • Game Server Rules & Regulations

    1. Official game servers using the [2nd RB] clan tag are subject to all unit General Orders Game Server Rules & Regulations and Standard Operating Procedures.

    1.1 Unofficial event server(s) are not subject to uniform, equipment, role and structure regulations and standard operating procedures.

    1.1.a Unofficial event server(s) by default allow for less strict rules and regulations. Conduct unbecoming is forbidden and the specific rules and regulations for that server are established prior to the unofficial event.

    1.2 Priority for servers always goes towards official unit activities.

    1.2.a The servers are separated by the following roles.

    • Camp Bannister - official missions, field training exercises (FTX) and Sunday events
    • Camp Guardian - squad and platoon, medical and aviation drill
    • Fort Trinity - training, schools and Entry Level Training (ELT)
    • Unofficial Events - unofficial events

    1.3 Passwords will not be given to guests or non-unit members without prior approval from Command Staff.

    1.4 All other servers that wish to use the [2nd RB] clan tag must have prior Command Staff approval.

    2. The official game servers are not to be used as a playground. The following actions are forbidden.

    2.1 Fratricide (teamkilling).

    2.2 Destruction of friendly assets (bases and equipment).

    2.3 Shooting inside the base. *Exceptions made inside of CQB/MOUT areas or areas marked with red flags indicating live fire. There is zero tolerance for negligent discharges.

    2.4 Using aircraft without written approval from the 160th SOAR (A) headquarters.

    2.5 Littering of equipment and items at base with no intention to remove them.

    2.6 Using ground vehicles without verbal approval from a non-commissioned officer or higher.

    3. In keeping with a military simulation atmosphere the following personnel Rules and Regulations apply.

    3.1 Weapons will be placed on safe, magazines removed and slung on soldiers backs while at base. Prior to stepping off, the order to make weapons condition one will be given by a staff non-commissioned officer or higher.

    3.2 Profile names will accurately reflect a soldiers rank and name.

    3.3 Player heads will not use custom images, have excessive facial hair, unkempt hair or be elderly. Discretion on this is left to staff non-commissioned officers or higher.

    3.4 Excessive climbing, vaulting, rappelling is not allowed.

    3.5 Excessive leaning, crouching, hand signals and movement is not allowed.

    3.6 Soldiers will be on 'normal' or 'whisper' for voice range while at base during staging. If told to go to 'whisper' by a non-commissioned officer or higher, soldiers will do so.

    3.7 When in formation, soldiers will be silent during briefing until told to fall out.

    3.8 During official events, discussion will be on topic or related to the mission and or training.

    3.9 Soldiers should not join channels requiring Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) if their plugin is disabled. Push-to talk is highly encouraged.

    3.10 Using aircraft to 'buzz' trainings, drills or schools is forbidden. Use common courtesy and do not distract from the instructors on the ground.

    4. During an official mission or field training exercise (FTX) the following rules apply.

    4.1 'Lonewolfing' or being separated from one's unit/team with no intent to return to formation is strictly forbidden.

    4.2 Using OpFor or hostile vehicles and equipment is strictly forbidden. Discretion on this is left to commissioned officers.

    4.3 Using OpFor or hostile weapons and launchers shall only be done with approval non-commissioned officer or higher and the soldier's original weapon is stored in a backpack and not lost.

    4.4 Every attempt should be made to secure or destroy friendly or BluFor vehicles and designated equipment that are lost to prevent from compromising them. Designated equipment will be briefed prior to the mission/FTX, such items include but are not limited to, radios and SATCOM antennas.

    4.5 Under no circumstances will soldiers unnecessarily engage civilian assets including vehicles, dwellings and structures.

    4.6 Unit standard operating procedures (SOPs), chain of command (CoC), rules of engagement (ROE), signal plan and communications plan will not be deviated from unless directed by a commissioned officer.

    4.7 Teleports will only be authorized for those who lose connection or disconnect due to a game issue. Soldiers will not be left in the field and every attempt should be made to secure them.

    4.8 Soldiers are only allowed one re-spawn in addition to their starting life. Those who lose connection or disconnect due to a game issue will not have that count towards a death.

    4.9 Force re-spawning to avoid medical treatment or to resupply is forbidden.

    4.10 Formation after and prior to official missions will be in combat uniform. Formation after and prior to field training exercises (FTXs) will be in garrison uniform. If the official mission overlaps with an award or promotion ceremony the garrison uniform will be worn after the mission.

    4.11 Do not type in TeamSpeak chat, or in-game chat for any reason. Do not use default in-game voice chat for any reason.

    4.12 Zeus heals or full heals will not be given during official missions. All healing is provided by medical personnel.

  • Discord Rules & Regulations

    1. Keep the topics of discussion relevant to the appropriate channels.

    1.1 Community channels such as, #the-bar (text only), #the-club, #the-cabaret, #the-chateau, #the-tearoom and #the-vineyard are open to discussion of any topic unless in violation of General Order Six.

    1.1.a #feedback-and-suggestions is restricted to feedback and suggestions and will not hold discussions or debates.

    1.1.b #screenshots-and-videos is only open to posting unit in-game screenshots and videos.

    1.1.c #unofficial-events is restricted to discussion around the planning, hosting and ideas for such events.

    1.2 Unit channels such are all other channels not listed as community channels.

    1.2.a #2nd-battalion, #alpha-company, #1st-platoon and #2nd-platoon are considered 'all call' channels and should not hold discussions. Rather these channels are used to coordinate trainings, events and unit relevant topics. Do not spam topics that belong in the community channels.

    1.2.b Staff section channels must relate to that specific section. If the topic overlaps or needs the attention of someone not in that staff section, the #staff-workroom channel will be used.

    2. Keep conversation civil.

    2. In addition to General Order Six do not troll, harass or argue in the unit Discord. If the conversation becomes too heated, staff will close the discussion.

    3. Use the '@' ability appropriately.

    3.1 Do not spam another person by using '@'.

    3.1.a Do not deviate from the chain of command (CoC) with '@'.

    3.2 Do not '@' Command Staff in any community channel.

    3.3 @here and @everyone will only be used in announcement channels, #alpha-company-medical, #4-160th-soar-a and staff section channels.

    4. Using a direct message (DM) to subvert the General Orders and Rules and Regulations is forbidden.

    4.1 Circumventing the chain of command (CoC) through direct messages is not allowed.

    4.2 Soldiers will not bully, harass, spam, threaten other soldiers through Discord. If you are a part of the unit you are accountable for your actions when interacting with others.

    5. Deleted messages.

    5.1 If a staff member removes a message, this is automatically logged in the #server-log channel. Staff members may not remove messages that do not violate a unit General Order or any of the rules and regulations.

    5.2 Soldiers who violate General Order Six or any of these rules and regulations and then delete their message are still subject to the disciplinary policy.

    6. Discord profile nickname on the [2nd RB] server must reflect your current name and rank.

  • TeamSpeak Rules & Regulations

    1. General TeamSpeak channel Rules and Regulations.

    1.1 Do not loiter in the 'Main Lobby' channel longer than 10 minutes.

    1.2 Do not channel jump around the TeamSpeak or spam join the 'Recruiting Room' or 'Contact Us' channels.

    1.3 Conduct all official training, drills, schools and courses inside the 'Training Room #' channels

    1.4 Ask the owner before entering a private office with a soldiers name in the channel title.

    1.5 Staff with the ability to edit channel descriptions, titles or permissions will not do so unless directed. Soldiers may not deviate from the established channel formats.

    1.6 Do not join the 'Operation' or 'Field Training Exercise' channel without having your Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR) plugin enabled and activated.

    2. TeamSpeak user Rules and Regulations that apply in all public and private channels.

    2.1 No verbal abuse.

    2.2 Don’t send links that can harm the user’s computer.

    2.3 No pornographic or explicit content.

    2.4 No Recording. See General Order Ten for the exception(s).

    2.5 No offensive nicknames or avatars.

    2.6 Do not move non-members into the members only channels.

    2.7 Do not use any voice modulators/changers such as Clownfish.

    2.8 No spamming chat, private messages, pokes or whispers.

    3. TeamSpeak user Rules and Regulations that apply in public channels.

    3.1 No broadcasting of music in channel.

    3.2 No excessive use of indecent; obscene; lewd; sexually explicit language – this includes any words generally considered curse words.

    3.3 No racism.

    4. Private offices when being used for official unit activities including but not limited to, counselings, promotion boards and after action reviews are subject to all public and private TeamSpeak channel rules and regulations.

    5. TeamSpeak profile nickname on the [2nd RB] server must reflect your current name and rank.


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