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Basic Combat Training Day 2

Event details

This event began 10/16/21 and repeats every week on Friday forever


This is an introductory training for our new Recruits and is the second official event in the unit. 

Basic Training Day 2 goes over Battle Drills, Convoy Operations, Close Quarter Combat and generally more in-depth material that the Recruits have to get familiar with to be able to participate in the Operations.
Keep in mind that these trainings are considered Official Hours and should be treated as such. Alive Operations, Fun Ops, and Unofficial Operations are not considered Official Hours and Recruits are more than welcome to participate in those events and start to get to know our unit better.

  • At the completion of BCT Day 2 Recruits will have a better understanding of our unit and will continue their training with RASP (Ranger Assessment and Selection Program).
  • At the completion of BCT Day 2 Recruits are promoted to the rank of Private (PV1).
  • After completing BCT Day 2 Recruits are expected to contact S-3 Training's Chief to schedule their RASP.
  • Recruits are not allowed to participate in any other Specialized Schools before they successfully complete their BCT and RASP. 

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