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  • Policy & Procedure
  • Unit Attendance Policy Overview

    To properly measure unit attendance and activity the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment has a formal Attendance Policy in place. Unit members are divided into two groups, active and reserve duty. Both active and reserve duty members are considered a part of the unit/community. Leave of Absence is a modifier status only for active duty members. Members who are discharged or retired are not considered still a part of the unit/community. See the Discharge Policy here.


    Requirements for Active Duty

    Active duty members are the bulk of the unit membership. Attendance is logged and checked every Sunday for all unit members. Active duty members may submit Leave of Absences (LOA) or Temporary Pass Requests (TPR) for an excused absence and still remain active duty. On PERSCOM the 'Active Duty' status is noted in green. Active duty members who fail to meet the minimum attendance standard and do not file LOAs or TPRs will be swapped to reserve duty, or depending on circumstances discharged. Swapping from active to reserve duty is done through the website under the operations center. Active duty members should be attending the majority of an official campaign. For a short campaign this is 2/3, medium 3/5 and long 5/7. The off-cycle events are also done in odd numbers and are normally 3 Sunday events in length.


    Requirements for Reserve Duty

    Reserve duty supplement the unit with members who act as fill-ins to events and are NOT required or expected to submit Leave of Absences (LOA) or Temporary Pass Requests (TPR). As long as reserve duty members make en effort to participate in operations, trainings and Discord server chat they will not be removed from the Reserve Platoon. If we do not hear anything from a member in reserve for 30 or more days, they can be discharged*.

    Members who have donated with the to the unit have the 'Donator' tag on Discord and TeamSpeak, and are eligible for Permanent Reserve Platoon. They may stay in the Reserve Platoon indefinitely and do not need to participate in any way. They retain their rank and qualifications while in reserve. If they opt to slot back to active duty, their rank may be subject to adjustment for that billet. This is the unit's way of rewarding long standing members and donators by letting them keep access to channels and the ability to participate when they choose.

    Reserve duty members in the reserve do not have priority for additional billet selection such as 68W Combat Medic or 1Z3X1 Tactical Air Control Party. Reserve duty members fill-in where needed and are not assigned to a squad or platoon on a regular basis. They are unable to be promoted while in the reserve and their Time in Grade is halted for every rank after Private First Class. Reserve duty has other limitations for schools, qualifications and events where slot priority goes to active duty members. With most new members they opt to slot as active duty and under different circumstances related to attendance choose to swap to reserve duty later on. On PERSCOM 'Reserve Duty' is noted in blue. Members who fail to meet the minimum requirements standard will be discharged and able to join back after a 30 day probation. Swapping from active to reserve duty is done through the website under the operations center.


    Requirements for Leave of Absence

    If a member submits a Leave of Absence (LOA) and its approved, their status will change to Leave of Absence. Members who are on LOA are not expected to be able to attend events and have checked in with their Chain of Command (CoC). Soldiers may stay in their billet if approved by their CoC. Normally LOAs are for 30 days or less. On PERSCOM 'Leave of Absence' is noted in yellow.


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